1. Promix PM – 819B Blender

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2. Promix PM – 9001B Blender

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Why Should you do buy Promix?

Highly ergonomic, easy to use
  • Simple mechanical key panel
  • Mill easily quantified in ml or oz units;
  • Easy to clean.
Safe and Power
  • Extremely high-speed commercial motors: The largest motors in the industry consistently blend the hardest components perfectly from 1300W, the drives made of stainless steel;
  • The mill is made from persistent Bitan copolyester without BPA, 4-sided design. The right angle prevents rotational inertia from touching the blade of the food, and narrows toward the blade to increase the blade’s continuation range;
  • Stainless steel blade with 2 blunt edges, beveled design bends inward to form a spiral when the blade rotates at high speed, while helping to safely clean. The blade is 80% thicker than the blades of a conventional blender;
  • LED backlight interface shows the time of grinding, easy-to-use mechanical key control panel for up to 30 different grinding modes;
  • The noise-canceling rubber-box design helps to reduce up to 10 decibels of noise compared to other industrial blenders in the segment;
  • The engine cooling system on the body or the rear of the machine helps protect the engine, increasing the blender speed up to 150 times full of the mortar every day without affecting the taste of the drink.
Long-term warranted

3 years Guaranteed

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What Promix can do?


A smoothie is a solid beverage made from ice cream, milk and pureed fruit, vegetables, combined with ice. Smoothies are suitable in the summer


Promix can puree baby foods like nutritious porridge without the kitchen. With high grinding speed, Promix will ensure the porridge temperature reaches about 50 – 70 degrees C.


With Promix, you can whip cream for 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes. Use a cotton ball to decorate drinks and smoothies.


Sauces are a liquid mixture of food, used to prepare dishes or as condiments for other foods, especially seafood and fried foods. With Promix, just prepare enough ingredients and less than 1 minute to have enough sauce to use all day.


Soup (soup) is a liquid, slightly thicker dish. The difference when making soup with Promix is ​​that it does not need to cook on the stove, the blade under high speed will generate heat and create hot soup with a temperature of 50 – 80 degrees C.


Designed to grind all hard-to-rock ingredients, without exception, Promix can puree fruit seeds into nutritious and hot food in just a few minutes.

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